Podcast: Finding Favorites

It’s podcast season! I’ve been interviewed for several, and will post them as they drop. Each one is different; click the image below to listen to Leah Jones’ “Finding Favorites” podcast, in which we learn why fire sirens are among my favorite things.

You’ll also get to hear two women of faith–one Catholic, one Jewish–discuss worship in pandemic, the importance of blessing the heck out of everything, and learning to speak Ignatian.

Bonus: an audio chapter from Finding God Abiding.


Click the image to listen to my interview on Finding Favorites with Leah Jones.

One thought on “Podcast: Finding Favorites

  1. rlsknapp says:

    I am halfway through listening. I providentially saw your LinkedIn post. LOVE the dialogue. You shine!!!

    I will be facilitating day two of an Ascension retreat today. Pray for all of us, please. You know what I mean. You’ve been there.

    Love & in awe(ish) of you! ~Ron


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