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Early Praise

“Finding God Abiding reads like a conversation with that wise and trusted friend who is engaged in the same questions and quandaries we all are: Who am I—really? How can I make sense of my life? Where is God in all this mess? Through anecdotes told simply and wisely, with Scriptural wisdom, guiding questions, and a generous dash of humor tossed in, Christine Eberle invites us into her life of faith and helps us to find “the one Companion of our endless life” in our own stories.”

—Brother Chris Derby, SJ, Provincial Assistant for Spirituality Ministries, Jesuits USA East

“Bit by bit, story after story, Eberle lays the foundation for a full-bodied, fully-alive spirituality—and invites us to imagine ourselves doing the same. Page after page, we are confronted by simple, spiritual truths that permeate each of our lives. From the Jersey shore to the halls of campus ministry to the quiet stillness of a hospital room, Eberle’s storytelling encompasses the full range of human experiences—joy, sadness, suffering and hope—and reminds us that God really does abide in those specific, seemingly mundane details of our ordinary lives. Ultimately, in her own words, Eberle gives us a great gift: “the joy of sensing God’s familiar presence in surprising places.”

—Eric A. Clayton, author of Cannonball Moments: Telling Your Story, Deepening Your Faith

“Eberle generously shares vulnerable moments from her life story so as to nudge us to reflect on our own. She helps us discover an ever-present, ever-patient God who is with us in both the ‘pivot points’ of life as well as the most mundane, the beginning of new relationships as well as those we must let go.”

—Ann Garrido, Associate Professor of Homiletics, Aquinas Institute of Theology

“Like a four-movement Mozart symphony that arrests attention, prompts reflection, provokes a smile, and elicits tears of joy as the music makes its way into our souls, Finding God Abiding is a masterful, heartwarming collection of brief daily meditations which, stitched together like a beautiful tapestry, portrays the ways in which a God who actually abides with us can be perceived, embraced, trusted, known. Eberle has given us a book that I will return to time and time again, just as I do the Mozart symphonies of long ago.

—Jeff Crosby, editor and compiler, “Days of Grace Through the Year”

“Christine Eberle’s new book, Finding God Abiding, reminds us in the gentlest of ways to remember to love, to experience life, and to question, even as we live with a God we don’t always understand. In times as uncertain as these, it perfectly assures us that it is acceptable to be imperfect. With stories that find meaning in the everyday, Finding God Abiding urges us to look deeper as we Perceive, Become, Embrace, and Release our lives to a God who never leaves us. Even though we may be ‘slow learners,’ we are, as Christine reminds us, ‘loved by a patient teacher.’ This book will live by my bedside and be a balm to my spirit daily.”

—Mary Fran Bontempo, Two-time TEDx Speaker and
Award-winning author of The 15 Minute Master and Brilliantly Resilient.

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Several chapters started as blog posts. Although much changed in the rewriting/editing process, here are the originals, which you may have missed the first time. Enjoy!

Finding God in Sugar-Covered Strawberries (March, 2022)
When I was little, my grandmother taught me how to eat a strawberry . . .

Finding God in a Fire Siren (February 2021)
“There’s no reason for them to blow that siren anymore,” my neighbor insisted. “Everyone has pagers now . . . ”

Unleashed (July 2020)
The dog I love most in the world just turned seven . . .

Eat the Peaches (July 2018)
It’s peach season here at the Jersey shore . . .

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Book launch season was also podcast season; check out these interviews!

Virtual Launch Party (Mary McGinnity, Ignatian Volunteer Corps)
in which we talk about the process of writing and the courage it takes to presume to write about God, and experience a chapter as a form of mini-retreat.

AMDG (Eric Clayton, Jesuits of Canada and the US),
in which we explore how to identify the stories in our lives that point to the presence of God, then how to share those stories for others’ benefit.

Finding Favorites (Leah Jones),
in which two women of faith (one Catholic, one Jewish) discuss worship in pandemic, the importance of blessing the heck out of everything, and learning to speak Ignatian.

This Podcast Will Change Your Life (Ben Tanzer),
in which we discuss the process of writing (which sometimes requires a spreadsheet), our shared love of editing (and being edited), and the importance of building a life (rather than just a career).

Betterism (Glen Binger),
in which we ponder the inner work behind writing/editing, the value of solitude, and how to embrace mindful moments in our day-to-day lives.

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