Finding God Abiding

Finding God Abiding is coming into the world on June 7, 2022 courtesy of Woodhall Press.

Early Praise

“Finding God Abiding reads like a conversation with that wise and trusted friend who is engaged in the same questions and quandaries we all are: Who am I—really? How can I make sense of my life? Where is God in all this mess? Through anecdotes told simply and wisely, with Scriptural wisdom, guiding questions, and a generous dash of humor tossed in, Christine Eberle invites us into her life of faith and helps us to find “the one Companion of our endless life” in our own stories.”

—Brother Chris Derby, SJ, Provincial Assistant for Spirituality Ministries, Jesuits USA East

“Like a four-movement Mozart symphony that arrests attention, prompts reflection, provokes a smile, and elicits tears of joy as the music makes its way into our souls, Finding God Abiding is a masterful, heartwarming collection of brief daily meditations which, stitched together like a beautiful tapestry, portrays the ways in which a God who actually abides with us can be perceived, embraced, trusted, known. Eberle has given us a book that I will return to time and time again, just as I do the Mozart symphonies of long ago.

—Jeff Crosby, editor and compiler, “Days of Grace Through the Year”


Several chapters started as blog posts. Although much changed in the rewriting/editing process, here are the originals, which you may have missed the first time. Enjoy!

Finding God in a Fire Siren (February 2021)
“There’s no reason for them to blow that siren anymore,” my neighbor insisted. “Everyone has pagers now . . . ”

Unleashed (July 2020)
The dog I love most in the world just turned seven . . .

Eat the Peaches (July 2018)
It’s peach season here at the Jersey shore . . .