Grief, gratitude, and God’s will . . . here are some of my published articles.

Experience Making a Difference (Catholic Philly, June 2021)
For seasoned volunteers and nonprofit organizations alike, the Ignatian Volunteer Corps is a match made in heaven!

Does Everything Happen for a Reason?  (Liguorian Magazine, September 2012)
In times of tragedy, believing in “God’s plan” might mean believing ourselves right into a crisis of faith.  Is there another way to remain faithful?  © Liguori Publications

The Faithful Wait (Liguorian Magazine, April 2010)
In time, and through the power of the Paschal Mystery, the jagged edges of grief can soften into something more hope-filled.  © Liguori Publications

Embrace the Lent You Get (Liguorian Magazine, February 2010)
We choose something manageable, but life has a habit of throwing at us things that are quite unmanageable.  No wonder the Lent we get is often harder than the Lent we choose!  © Liguori Publications

Petitions Full of Gratitude (Liguorian Magazine, July/August 2009)
We always stand in need, and we are always blessed–often outrageously.  But when our mind is on the asking, it is hard to remember the blessing.  © Liguori Publications