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Christine Eberle has a wonderful ability to teach, using analogies that people can relate to.  She brings the subject matter to life, making easy-to-understand connections for her audience.  She is structured, but not obsessively so, keeping the core of the matter in mind.  Our group was spell-bound, and she never shied away from the questions people brought up.

  • St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, North Wales, PA

Pastor Andreas Wagner

I have invited Christine Eberle to my scripture classes to present dramatic interpretations of some of the Biblical women in the New Testament. Having prayed with the passage and entered into the mind and heart of each woman beforehand, in class Christine becomes the woman for the students. Her presentation of each woman and of Jesus is insightful, authentic and ever so human and moving. We all felt as if we were witnessing the biblical event firsthand. Christine skillfully engaged the group before the dramatic interpretation and invited their comments and observations afterward. Each was a time of enlightenment and grace for all of us.

Gwynedd Mercy University


Sister Mary Anne Nolan, RSM

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